Personalised medicine

Building smarter patients healthcare

Our Conference on Building smarter patients healthcare is coming up and you are kindly invited to book the date in your calendar:

Thursday, 24 June 2021

9:00 – 13:00 GMT / 11:00 – 15:00 EET | Sofia, Bulgaria | Virtual event

The event will be in English and no translation will be provided. Stay tuned for registration information coming soon.

Personalised medicine is offering revolutionary steps and is changing the traditional medicine through the use of new methods for molecular and genetic analysis for better disease prediction and prevention, more precise diagnoses, personalised and targeted interventions. New possibilities for smarter patients’ healthcare are now emerging due to novel approaches, such as whole genome sequencing, data and informatics, technologies and wearable devices. This makes it possible to truly personalise the healthcare and predict how our bodies will respond to specific interventions, or identify who is at risk of developing an illness. Providing promising solutions for prediction, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, personalised medicine is a new paradigm in the healthcare of today and it relates to the concept of patient-centred care.

The objective of this first event is to bring together medical experts, policy-makers, academics and businesses from the UK and Bulgaria to discuss the benefit of personalised medicine for patients and society, share best practices in policy, innovation and business in this sector. We aim to promote the UK experience and best practices, to assist the Bulgarian decision makers, medical experts and patients in taking the personalised medicine in Bulgaria at a higher level, because when it is about medicine, “One size does not fit all!” Other countries from Central and Eastern Europe will be attracted for follow-up events on the topic, to extend opportunities for the UK.

The webinar is a follow-up of SIN initiatives in Bulgaria in 2019 and 2020 – Biotech Business workshop, Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer training in Biotech, Clinical trials, AI and data conference.

Questions to discuss

We want to get deeper into the details and discuss:

Recent progress in personalised medicine in the UK, recent factors that influence the progress

Development of documents that shape national strategies in personalised medicine in the UK, development of registers

Ways to embed the personalised medicine approach into a traditional healthcare system based on the UK experience

Strategies how to change patient’s perception why she/ he needs the tailored approach which the personalised medicine offers

Personalised medicine in the healthcare system in Bulgaria and in the National health strategy

The perspectives for personalised medicine development in the next decade in Bulgaria in the areas of oncology, haematology, cardiology, psychiatry, rare and infectious diseases and where Bulgaria is on the world map

How can we build partnerships between decision makers, academia and industry?

How can we collaborate internationally in the personalised medicine area?

Draft Agenda

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Healthcare policy and medical experts, pharma and diagnostics companies, academia, healthcare providers, patients and patient organisations.