Special Edition on

Water and Biotechnologies

Our Conference on Water and Biotechnologies is coming up and you are kindly invited to book the date in your calendar:

Monday, 10 May 2021

Virtual event

Water, in its various aspects, is a topic of growing significance. Droughts and floods are being recognized as top risks globally, diminishing water resources are among the major reasons for international tensions and limitations in water supply are key constraints for business growth.

Water is a subject to widespread awareness, novel business models and technological disruptions. The purpose of “Water and Biotechnologies” at the 2021 Biotech Atelier is to outline the specific bridges between water and the application of biotechnological tools and innovations.

Draft agenda

All times are in Eastern European Summer Time (EEST) / UTC +3

Potable water and biotechnologies

Ensuring water is part of your health plan
Regional aspects: deficiencies or excess of certain minerals
Evolution of regulations and technologies for water treatment, monitoring and analysis

Wastewater and Biotechnologies

Sewer surveillance “The mirror of society”
Antimicrobial resistance: The next big thing in sewer surveillance
Changes in Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive and how technologies address them

Topic for the near future: Water microbiome

The Water Microbiome: what is it
Scientific research on the topic
Enhanced microbiological screening and application of genetic methods

The future of the water sector: Matching needs and technologies

Structured assessment of the needs of the water utilities sectors
Selected solutions
How to foster entrepreneurship in the sector

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