The Projects that change patients’ lives

The competition aims to provoke young professionals and students in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, healthcare and healthcare to present ideas and projects for innovations in medicine and healthcare that can change patients’ lives for the better.

The competition is organized by Biotech Atelier 2020 with the support of Pfizer Bulgaria.

Conditions for participation

To participate in the competition, you need to be:

  • A medical and/or health care student
  • A specialist in medicine and/or health care
  • A pharmacy student
  • A young specialist / Practitioner recently / Trainee
  • A doctoral student


Innovation in patient care

Generating proposals for modern and innovative models for fast doctor-patient connection using modern technologies – chatbots, personalized applications for health monitoring, applications for medication on a schedule, monitoring devices, blockchain technologies and others.


Innovative approach in the field of screening and diagnostics

Suggestions for early diagnosis and screening options based on the latest technologies. Proposals for intelligent platforms for the collection and processing of patient data to provide information on their family history and morbidity. Proposals for systems of actions for emergency prevention and disease prevention.


Innovation in the healthcare system to improve patient access

Suggestions for virtual care for patients in remote and small settlements, telemedicine options. Suggestions for technology applications, including block chain ones, and information on treatment outcomes, shortening feedback time and improving decision-making by healthcare providers. Suggestions for practitioners to have quick access to patient information and various treatment options – medications, therapies and more.

Poster session and requirements for project submission and presentation

Participants can present their projects using Mike Morrison’s template.

Terms and stages of the competition

May 2020
Start of the competition
September 20, 2020
Submission of abstracts to the jury (electronically)
September 25, 2020
Presentation of the ranked resumes to the participants in Biotech Atelier 2020 and voting in the next two weeks
October 2020
Presentation of the ranked projects in a poster session, selection of winners and awarding


Coverage of a two-year master's fee

Participation in the International Health Conference

Scientific publication in an international edition

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