The British Embassy in Sofia and the UK S&I Network would like to invite you to our workshop Biotechnology Business (2B) Workshop “Shaping the UK-Bulgarian biotech future”:

Laboratory Complex, Sofia Tech Park, room 125
111B Tsarigradsko shouse Blvd., Sofia, Bulgaria

This one day workshop aims at creating a sustainable business network and fostering a successful collaboration between UK and Bulgaria in the field of biotechnology. UK has many specialised companies which have an excellent track record in providing biotech services. The event will showcase the British excellence and innovation, and will develop commercial opportunities in a strategic sector. 2B Workshop will help identify the most promising areas for business collaboration, incl. new technologies leading to open up new avenues for R&D and commercialisation projects and build a network of new contacts in biotechnology for fostering the establishment of sustainable business collaboration.

Bulgaria is strategically located on the crossroad between Europe, Asia and Africa, thus offering openness to foreign markets. In 2018, Bulgaria was 50th in terms of “ease of doing business” (total of 190 countries, World Bank ranking), 46th in “best countries for business” ranking (out of 153 countries, Forbes magazine) and 49th according to the “global competitiveness index” (total of 137 countries, World Economic Forum). The country has financially stable environment: its debt is the 3rd lowest in the EU28 (25.4% of GDP as of 2017). It offers business-friendly environment due to the simple and low taxation system (overall tax-to-GDP ratio in Bulgaria is 29.0% for 2015, compared to an EU average of 40.0%).

The event will be held in English. No translation will be provided.


08.45 – 10.45

Companies pitches

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Companies Pitches
Company name Title Representative
LIFNano Therapeutics Ltd LIFNANO: A synthetic Stem Cell to Treat Multiple Sclerosis Dr. Su Metcalfe, Founder and CEO
SAP Health How SAP Can Help Businesses to Build Business in Healthcare, Pharma and Tech Bruce Magill, Director of Business Development, Personalised Medicine & Connected Health, EMEA
Protagen Protein Services Innovation in Research: From Protein Array to Companion Diagnostics to Profiling of Adverse Events Prof. Dolores J. Cahill,
Vice Chair of the EU Innovative Medicines Initiative
European Forum for Good Clinical Practice (EFGCP) Patients as Partners Robert Johnstone, UK Board Member
BioSeek BioSeek- the most powerful search engine for Life Sciences Rossen Genchev, CEO
Sqilline How we empower value-based healthcare with Big Data and AI technology Nezabravka Tsvetanova, Sales Account Manager Healthcare Data & Analytics Solutions
Diagnostic Imaging Solution
Biostatistics, Statistical Programming and Medical Advice Services for Pharma Industry Rumen Valchev, President and Founder
FindMeCure Patients meet Science Ivan Govedarski, Project Manager
VTR Consultancy Bulgaria and Biotechnology: how to maximize patient benefits in line with upcoming Brexit? Dr. Venecian Rankov, Founder
Fidelis Research Translational research services for biomedical innovations Dr. Maya Chergova, Scientific and Product Development Advisor
Micar Innovation (Micar21) Drug Discovery Factory for novel drug molecules Dimitar Dimitrov, CEO and Co-Founder
InoBioTech Five minutes InoBioTech Dr. Krum Bardarov, CEO
Printivo How 3D-bioprinting can step in Pharma market? Dr. Spas Kerimov, CEO
NutriGen Healthcare Innovations in Genetics Boris Kolev, Managing Partner & Co-Founder
National Centre of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases, Sofia, Bulgaria, and National Influenza Centre Fundamental, Translational and Clinical Investigations on Infections and Immunity Assoc. Prof. Svetla Angelova, Research Assistant
BioSens Vital State of the art lung cancer screening from home Dr. Valeri Serbezov, CEO
Synexus Medical Centre UK-BG Partnership – a Success Story Dr. Borislav Borissov PhD, MBA, Dsci, Managing Director


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111B Tsarigradsko shose Blvd., Sofia