Biotech, Healthcare, IT, Life Sciences, Pharma
The European annual biotech conference

Biotech Atelier 2021

Save the date / 29 Sep – 01 Oct 2021

Main Topics

The state of the art in medicine
Patient Centricity: the new paradigm in healthcare
Personalised Medicine
ATMPs - potential and barriers in front
ART (Assistive Reproductive technologies): Approved and Innovative Solutions in Reproductive Care
COVID-19 – a look back and the way forward
Digital Health: Improving Health through Technologies

Why attend our conference?

Futurists. Business leaders. Investors. Think tanks. Scientists. Entrepreneurs. And You!

Speakers from around the globe will share their firsthand experience, insider information and expectations for the future. Meet the relevant stakeholders across the value chain and understand their perspective on current topics. Create your very own future action plan and meet the people you need to make a success out of it. Biotech Atelier gives you the opportunity to encounter relevant industry leaders from all 5 sectors, gain cross-vertical knowledge and come up with your find your next business partners.

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